Friday, February 20, 2009

this tag.. :-)

1. What is your gender?
female absolutely :-)

2. What is your age?
22yrs...xmo 23.bole?

3. Are you always happy?
it depend on the situation..

4. Do you walk around with a smile on your face?
somtmes i hv to smile..smtimes im not..depend on my mood on that day

5. Are you often the first to strike up a conversation?
folloe the situation..

6. Do you have a lot of friends?
i think i have alot.he3

7. Do people often come to you for advise?
hehe penah ke..when i was study dlu penahla skit2..

8. Are you outgoing?
im easygoing that same?he3

9. Are you talkative?
i like to talk..but not to so..he3

10. Are you popular among your peers?
no one noe me. ngeh!

11. Are you nice to everyone?
always if they not try to fight wif me..

12. Do you make friends easily?
im not sure..depends..he3

13. Do you have very few enemies?
nop i guess..but might be hv.hu3

14. Do you enjoy life?
no doubt..

15. Are you a good conversationalist?
not too good..cannot talk to comment alwys out from my mouth..sure?
16. Do you always know a good joke?
yup..all people cn make

15. Do you complement people a lot?
i cnt think..

16. Who do you want to tag?
anyone pleasure